veggie burrito bento

18 10 2009

bento 21fruit tier:  red and green grapes, kiwi slices, pomegranate seeds and raspberries.  main tier, lined in spinach leaves:  veggie burritos (grilled yellow pepper and red onion, rice, tofu, cilantro, sour cream, black beans); sliced farmer’s market pepper in a silicone cup, green and orange tomatoes, purple and yellow cauliflower and broccoli, purple beans, red carrot skewer.

[as seen on just bento and eco-salon’s “7 painless ways to be an almost-vegetarian“]

buffalo wing bento

14 10 2009

bento 19i didn’t sketch before i put this together and it took FOREVER, waaah, i kept changing where things were, and then i dropped the whole sidecar on the floor, sigh.  main box: vegetarian “buffalo wings,” pea pod border, purple beans and yellow grape tomatoes, “twisted” cucumber, orange and red grape tomatoes, purple and yellow cauliflower with a jack cheese flower.  sidecar: pomegranate seeds and kiwi slices in silicone cups; grapes and fig quarters; chocolate biscuit mushrooms.

deconstructed bibimbap bento

12 10 2009

bento 17

top tier:  white rice with, from left to right, spicy tofu, carrot, bean sprout and egg strips, pickled cucumber, sesame spinach.  (not pictured:  small container of gochujang to mix it all up with.)  bottom tier:  apple fan, fig, grapes and kiwi, with broccoli, yellow and purple beans, and tiny orange pepper.

[as seen on epicute]

falafel bento

6 10 2009

bento 14

leftovers from last night’s dinner, takeout from tahini. top left: mini bosc pear, golden raspberries, strawberry. top right: spicy corn and carrot salads. bottom left: falafel balls with sweet potato and purple potato flower. bottom right: purple beans, yellow wax beans, heirloom tomato and beet salad.

[as seen on helium’s health and fitness zone]

tired dumpling bento

5 10 2009

bento 13late late night = putting together a bento from random fridge contents.  top tier:  homemade (frozen, then reheated and boiled) veggie-tofu dumplings, topped with purple potato stars, and a babybel cheese.  bottom tiere: pepper slices, kiwi slices, golden plum slices, purple beans, and a checkered apple.