miso salmon bento

2 10 2009

bento 12aquatic-themed bento using miso-broiled salmon leftover from last night’s dinner.  also in the main box:  yellow wax beans, orange and red grape tomatoes with fish and turtle food picks, veggie gratin in a silicone food cup, takuwan slices, and blueberries with one strawberry in a paper food cup.  top tier:  sesame-sprinkled rice with sweet potato/kiwi “star fish” and radish/nori “octopus tentacles.”

happy acorn bento

30 09 2009

bento 10celebrating the start of fall!  top tier:  steamed rice with sweet potato acorn (nori face, eggplant “cap”), nori oak leaf, and takuwan border.  bottom tier:  tofu and vegetable pajun (korean savory fried pancakes), eggplant and radish slices, pickled radish in a silicone food cup.