“a cute riding red hood” bento

13 04 2010

tomorrow’s lunch is packed in a new box i got from kir devries, an online store with a selection of great shinzi katoh boxes.  this box is the “a cute riding red hood” two-tier, and to inaugurate it, i made a red riding hood kyaraben.  shinzi katoh designs are whimsical and unique, and i was thrilled to find an online supplier in the states with low shipping costs (plus they offer free shipping on orders over $50!).

my red riding hood (or should i say “riding red hood”) girl is made of cheese with yellow soy paper for hair, and white soy paper (dyed red with food coloring) for the hood and dress.  her eyes are nori, and her nose and hair squiggles are food coloring.  the bows in her hair were cut from nori with this cute tiny bow punch from jlist.  she’s on plain white rice, with cheese and sesame seed flowers, and in the same box are two soy nuggets, a grape tomato with a yellow heart food pick, a flower-cut carrot, cucumber slices, and some mint leaves.

the other tier has sliced kiwi (accented with one purple potato flower) in a paper food cup, with a plump strawberry, two more flower-cut carrots, and some purple potato slices.  here’s a picture of the lid of the box, so you can see how closely i tried to model my kyaraben after shinzi katoh’s design:

— ♥ —

the past few days have been full of excitement: the apartment search has continued at a frantic pace (preventing me from bento-ing), and i think i finally found the perfect place… fingers crossed, and i’m not going to say more because i don’t want to jinx it before the paperwork goes through.

on monday i also found out that my “spring butterfly” bento won the spring bento contest hosted by bento & co.just bentofrench bento!  i’m so sorry for not getting to this earlier, but i did want to take this opportunity to repeat my congratulations to all who participated, especially to lia of my bentolicious and sheri of happy little bento (two of the best bento pals and competitors a girl could ever ask for)!  i’m extremely honored to have won, but the best prize was the chance to see the other contestants’ inspirational ideas and to make some new international bento contacts — it was really a great experience, so thanks again to maki, mook, thomas and erico for hosting!