bunny-eggs bento

31 03 2010

so easter’s not really my thing, but i couldn’t resist this very easter-ish combo of eggs (quail eggs, to be precise) and bunny ears (from this new pick set i first saw on akinoichigo-san’s blog; i don’t think they’re supposed to be bunny ears, but use your imagination!).  plus, these bunnies give me another chance to submit to hapa bento’s BOMB for this month!

these are super simple to make: just boil your quail eggs and peel (i find that using a sharp object to puncture the thick inner “skin” — in a place on the egg that won’t be seen, of course — really helps get the peeling started), and insert picks. i cut the noses with a straw from fish sausage, and punched the mouths with a face punch, and added sesame seeds for eyes.

the rest of this box has rice mixed with shiso powder and topped with peas (an idea from lucky sundae’s awesome blog), lettuce, a star-cut radish, kimchi mandoo and one edamame shumai, takuwan slices, clementine segments in a food cup, a few grape tomatoes, a few pea pods to fill in empty spaces, and some broccoli topped with fish sausage stars.

a close up of these bunnies, before they hippety-hop right into my mouth:

oh, and in case you’re wondering, these cute paper-covered kids’ chopsticks were another j-list score.  the picks came from ebay, and the flat-rate shipping from japan was actually quick compared to some other ebay sellers located there.

happy squirrel bento

7 03 2010

another quick one tonight, relying on my punches and cutters to do the work for me.

the squirrel is cut from vegetarian ham and cheese, with nori-punched facial details.  he’s surrounded by some cheese and vegetarian ham medallions, topped by flowers punched with one of my “paper shapers” punches.

the fruit and veggie section has a big plump strawberry, some kiwi slices, some clementine slices, pea pods and cucumber baran, roasted sweet mini peppers, a pierced tomato heart, and one edamame shumai.

hope everyone had a fantastic weekend — we had beautiful spring-like weather here in NYC, and i hope it was sunny wherever you were, too!

[as seen on stdandme]

ume ladybug bento

4 03 2010

a pretty quick and simple one tonight, since dinner was leftover bibimbap and for tomorrow’s lunch i had to make do with the extra rice and some stuff from my freezer bento stash.

my ladybug is an ume pressed into the rice and decorated with nori.  the ladybug is headed for a big carrot blossom, and the non-rice section of the box has a tamagoyaki slice, an edamame shumai, some sliced vegetarian chicken nugget, a tiny orange pepper, pea pods, kiwi slices and  half a strawberry.  i had some ladybug paper, so i used that as a background to compliment my ume ladybug.

i used a sesame leaf as a natural baran, laying it in the box, pressing my rice in, and then folding the edge of the leaf back over the rice.  don’t forget to enter your natural baran ideas into hapa bento’s BOMB (best of the month bento) comment thread!

[as seen on MSN japan]

inarizushi garden bento

27 01 2010

lia over at my bentolicious has a sushi theme going this week, and she inspired me to whip up some inarizushi.  the brand of skins i buy is actually korean (manufactured by daerim corporation); you can see it in the top row of products on this page.  i like this particular product because a) it comes with tiny packages of furikake and vinegar for mixing into the rice, and b) the actual aburaage are triangular shaped corners, which makes for a cute stuffed final product.

in march 2009, maki posted great step-by-step instructions for making this dish over at just hungry; i followed her exact instructions for cooking the aburaage, but the possibilities for flavoring the rice itself are endless!

my inarizushi pockets are topped with cheese-and-nori flowers (sesame seed centers) with pea pod leaves, and the fruit and veggie tier has broccoli, baby carrot sticks, tamagoyaki slices, grape tomatoes, blueberries on a skewer (i like how the wooden ball looks like a blueberry, too!), and edamame shumai.  i topped the shumai and broccoli with a few extra sakura petals to tie the two tiers together.

can’t wait to tuck into this one!

oh, and if you like the little felt flower shape my chopsticks are resting on, stay tuned… i’m planning a giveaway, and will be posting details some time next week.