asian pantry bento

20 02 2012

today was the end of a leisurely, three-day weekend, thanks to the president’s day public holiday.  because of the extra day, i finally got to shoot a bento in sunlight, something i rarely get to do as i typically make my lunches at night.  what a treat!  this bento is comprised primarily from asian ingredients i stock in my pantry.  calorie info and recipes (if they can be called that) below.

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ghost onigiri bento

24 10 2009

bento 25

ghost onigiri (filled with sauteed mushrooms and miso paste), nori and cheese eyes, nori mouth, pickled radish cheeks. he’s peeking out from behind a “bush” made from parsley.

also in this bento:  a carved jack-o-lantern mini pepper, made with sherimiya’s excellent tutorial (thanks sheri!), snap peas and two red grape tomatoes, a silicon cup filled with asparagus and takuwan sticks and purple potato stars, and a spider food pick.

[as seen on holidash and japanisches allerlei (all things japanese)]

buffalo wing bento

14 10 2009

bento 19i didn’t sketch before i put this together and it took FOREVER, waaah, i kept changing where things were, and then i dropped the whole sidecar on the floor, sigh.  main box: vegetarian “buffalo wings,” pea pod border, purple beans and yellow grape tomatoes, “twisted” cucumber, orange and red grape tomatoes, purple and yellow cauliflower with a jack cheese flower.  sidecar: pomegranate seeds and kiwi slices in silicone cups; grapes and fig quarters; chocolate biscuit mushrooms.

musical egg bento

13 10 2009

bento 18

top left: bosc pear, red grapes, pomegranate seeds, granny smith apple, and purple potato flower. top right: japchae with carrot skewer. bottom left: hard boiled egg with nori music notes, peapods, and soy sauce bottle. bottom right: red grape tomatoes, purplish-green mini heirloom tomatoes, takuwan flowers, and pickled radishes made with awesome recipe from maki at just bento.

veggie meatball bento

11 10 2009

bento 16surrounded by peapod leaves, granny smith apple tulip; with yellow and purple beans in front, yellow grape tomatoes and purple heirloom tomatoes behind a fig, farmer’s market carrots in a silicone cup with yellow wax beans in front, veggie meatballs sauteed with fresh tomato sauce and sprinkled with parmesan.  “coro dog” container has asiago dressing for dipping the veggies.