forbidden violets bento

29 09 2010

this is my entry for mademoiselle.m’s “passion bento” contest.  there are still 2 days to enter; why not join the international fun and put together a bento reflecting the things (or people, places, etc.) about which you are passionate?

this bento reflects my passions of art (including the art of bento-making itself!) and nature.

the above composition is made from a black-and-brown rice blend, purple potato (with white cheese, yellow cheese, and sesame seeds), basil leaves (from the plant on my windowsill), shredded takuwan, baby pear tomatoes, a kiwi berry, two raspberries, steamed broccolini (i used only the stems, which are tender and less woody than regular broccoli, and very tasty), vegetarian meatballs, and sweet potato.  the forbidden rice is layered on top of my favorite spicy stewed korean tofu.

i originally saw the three-petaled violet idea at akinoichigo’s blog, and decided to put my own spin on it.  this is another thing i’m passionate about — i feel so grateful to be part of this supportive community where everyone shares ideas and inspiration, and where this type of adaptation is encouraged!

wise owl bento

3 03 2010

WOO HOO, done with the GRE! wow, did that suck. i took the test this morning, and the part i thought would go well went perfectly, and the part that i thought would go badly went terribly — so, pretty much what i expected, on average. i did pick up a whole bunch of vocabulary words in the process of studying, though, so i thought i’d do a sagacious, erudite owl bento tonight.

my cheese-and-vegetarian-ham owl is sitting on top of black-and-white rice, which i spread in a thin layer over my standard spicy korean tofu. the top section of this box has a big strawberry, some blueberries and clementine segments, two grape tomatoes, a bunch of broccoli (topped with two purple potato leaves, falling from the tree where the owl lives), and some orange and yellow baby carrot sticks.

it’s so nice to be able to get back to bento…. i have a ton of catching up to do on everyone else’s blogs and flickr pics, and i can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to!

[as seen on beauty in everything]

h-mart goodies bento

16 02 2010

as i mentioned yesterday, the boyfriend and i stocked up at a huge h-mart in flushing.  this box includes my h-mart goodies:  jap chae in the top right section (topped with a yellow carrot and pea pod flower), fish jun in the bottom right section (topped by two purple potato butterflies), and spicy stewed tofu in the bottom left section (topped with a fried quail egg and scallions).  in the top left section i have dessert:  slices from a baby pear from h-mart’s fab produce section, some blueberries and a kumquat, and some two-toned, sweet korean dessert balls.  these balls are a rice-flour and sesame paste concoction labeled “muffin honey rice cake” (this is a form of dduk, which is used in both savory and sweet applications).

you may also notice that i have finally found the cool, slightly-convex four-sectioned box that some of my favorite bentoists are using these days.  i got mine at banzai living‘s flushing location.  woo hoo!