bibimbap onigiri bento

8 11 2010

tomorrow’s lunch is leftovers from tonight’s dinner, slightly rearranged:  instead of just packing the leftover black-and-brown rice into the tiffin (or a section thereof), i shaped it into two triangular onigiri, which i then partly coated in sesame seeds, and partly wrapped in sesame leaves.

i put a little bit of each of the namul (radish, carrot, mushrooms and pickled cucumber, plus some sprouts, ferns and sesame spinach buried underneath), and then fried up a few little quail eggs instead of one the big hen’s egg we used for each bowl at dinner.  finally, i packed some gochujang in a tiny mayo container, and added a vine-ripe tomato for color.

rearranging normal, eat-at-home dinners (whether using mini-versions of ingredients, or mini-portions) is one of my favorite bento past-times!

twin mice bento

7 01 2010

my bento for tomorrow’s lunch actually came together pretty quickly and easily… the stars of this round box are obviously the twin mice, made from vegetarian hot dogs (hot dog slices for ears, cheese and toothpick nose, sesame seed eyes), peeking out from behind two takuwan-and-edamame flowers.  one-and-a-half veggie croquettes are sliced and placed to the left, with some edamame skewers and some (non-roasted, tonight) grape tomatoes.  the mice are sitting on a bed of sprouts and lettuce.

in the fruit section of the box we have slices of cucumber (not really a fruit, but so mild in flavor that i think it goes well enough), segments of one of those itty bitty (satsuma?) oranges, some blueberries, and a nice strawberry.

i should note that, other than the fruit and veg i already had in my fridge, everything in this bento (croquette, soy dogs, and edamame) came from my freezer “stash” — that’s why it came together with so much less effort.  with stash items, you likely have techniques or characters you’ve been meaning to use, and you aren’t constrained by the food’s original purpose (which i often find to be the case with leftovers from dinner, for example, tonight i had fish tacos and i ate them all because i’m a piggy, but if i had one left, it would have taken up half the box and determined everything else that could go in).

another note — while putting the bento itself together took me only 20min or so, i’ve been having serious flickr/picnik problems lately… it’s taking FOREVER for pictures to load up to the editing platform, or for the “save” to process once i’ve made my edits.  so frustrating!  anyone else having problems?

in happier news, has everyone checked out pikko’s new site bento central?  i think this will prove an excellent resource for sharing tips and ideas… many thanks to pikko for generously hosting!

“fit for life” bento

6 01 2010

tonight is my contribution to hapa bento’s b.o.m.b. (best of the month bento) project, for which this month’s theme is… ROASTING!

the roasted veg here is really my side dish, but since it’s the b.o.m.b. theme i’ll discuss it first. basically, i kept it simple – asparagus, baby bella mushrooms, grape tomatoes, yellow squash and brussels sprouts roasted in my toaster oven (energy efficient and the perfect size for roasting only enough to feed one) with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper, and thyme. thanks again to hapa for hosting this contest on her awesome blog, and for inspiring us all to use this healthy cooking method more often!

roasting aside, the sandwich here is kind of the main event. sometimes when the boyfriend and i are feeling lazy we have “sando night” and pig out on crazy sandwiches stuffed with whatever we want. the boyfriend chose hummus and salami (weird, right?) whereas i chose a concoction from his mom’s yummy sandwich shop (ygnacio cafe in walnut creek, ca – highly recommend if you are ever in the area) that she has dubbed “fit for life.” this magical sammie consists of wheat bread (i like mine toasted), with cream cheese, sprouts, avocado, and sliced black olives. i also added baked lemon-pepper tofu to mine to give it a little bit more protein, and added a pretty accent with some nashi-and-beet blossoms (snow pea “leaves,” sesame seed centers).

fruit sidecar has fanned strawberries, green grapes, the last two slices of starfruit, and a skewer of blueberries (i thought the blue matched the main box nicely).