cold soba bento

11 11 2009

bento 38

quick box based around my leftover soba noodles (from terikyaki boy).  top tier: two slices of last night’s hobak jun, three slices of tamagoyaki, a row of pea pods and carrot slices, the yummy soba (topped with a takuwan and sweet potato flower), and three red grape tomatoes.  bottom tier:  golden plum fan, apple fan, pomegranate seeds, foil-wrapped chocolate “leaf,” yellow wax beans, cucumber sticks, broccoli, and one beautiful ripe strawberry.



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12 11 2009
Lia Chen

Nice one again! I love the way you put your pea pods and make that cut on the top, pretty. I might borrow the idea if you don’t mind Megan (^.^)

12 11 2009

of course lia, go right ahead!! i’m not sure i’ve had an “original” bento yet — everything has been inspired by something i’ve already seen done by someone else… the beauty of the flickr bento community is that we provide each other with ideas, and then we each put our own spin on things!

16 11 2009

This is beautiful! I really like how you put all things in. It looks like a perfect rainbow! Your Tamagoyaki are especially great- Can you say me how to make them?

16 11 2009

hey lil’chan! these tamagoyaki were store bought, but it’s very easy to make with a little patience and the right equipment. my local japanese market (sunrise mart) has a small rectangular pan which really helps make the edges straight. pikko has also reviewed one at, and maki has good simple instructions for a 1-egg version at, also see i usually make mine with 2 eggs (and save the leftover tamagoyaki slices for a second bento box), so i don’t do all the folding like you see in maki’s instructions, just one continuous roll in the rectangular pan should do the job.

17 08 2012
cold soba bento | Bento Boxes

[…] cold soba noodles (from one of my favorite takeout spots, teriyaki boy). read more about it at bento zen! […]

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