bahn mi bento

29 11 2009

tomorrow’s lunch has another bahn mi from nicky’s vietnamese (2nd street between A and B) – the spicy/sweet tofu, carrot, and pepper slices are just outrageously good.  in the sandwich tier i added a purple and yellow carrot skewer.

in the fruit and veggie tier:  star fruit, pomegranate seeds, shimeji mushrooms, kumquat and grape tomato skewer, cherries with leaf picks, pea pods, and another purple and yellow carrot skewer.

this bento is using some of my new accessories from daiso:  the green square silicone cup is part of this set; the orange oval cup is part of this one, and the heart picks come in a pack of 20 similar to this one.

i’ve received tons of great contest entries so far — keep ’em coming, and i’ll be announcing a winner on tuesday morning!

glad to be back and bentoing… hope everyone had a lovely holiday!



5 responses

30 11 2009
Lia Chen

Love the fruit and veggie tier, full pack and very colorful … yummy bahn mi! Wondering what is the taste of shimeji mushrooms?

30 11 2009

Looks delicious 😉

30 11 2009

Hi and welcome back! What a tasty-looking bento to return to work with, a bright and happy chorale of fruits and veggies! And of course, a good bahn mi is sheer pleasure…delightful!

30 11 2009

thanks so much lia, lil’chan, and jenn! good to be back and sharing bentos back and forth with all of you again…

and lia, the shimejis have a pretty light flavor, a little nutty. i like them very much!

15 05 2012
bahn mi bento | Bento Boxes

[…] in the bento saddle! read more about this bahn mi bento and my new accessories at bento zen, and keep those contest entries […]

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