winged heart bento

9 02 2010

i have seen some beautiful naturally-colored rice this week (two great examples are sheri’s pink heart and mils’ love hearts), but — call me a cheater — this week i will be using good old fashioned food coloring to add some holiday spirit to my bentos.

tomorrow’s lunch has a winged heart onigiri (the strawberry fans look like wings to me — go with it!) seated on a bed of pomegranate seeds (with a tomato heart accent on the front) in the red section.  the yellow section has baby yellow carrot sticks, kumquats, and takuwan flowers.  the green section has two different kinds of veggie dumpling, with a few pea pods.  finally, the blue section has purple potato “chips” (roasted in the oven) and purple carrot discs.

in the center hole is some dipping sauce for the dumplings, the container for which is topped with a cool valentine’s sticker a generous bento pal sent me.  are you digging how i matched the food to the compartments?  that was an idea shared by multiple participants in hapa bento’s last 4-compartment-box giveaway!

[as seen on love and trash]



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9 02 2010

I think you get the prize for colormatching, megan! Love the winged heart about to take flight, the tomato heart being especially inspired. This looks like a totally fun one to eat too! Super Happy Heart Bento!!

Is it just me or do the rainbow hearts take anyone else back to the 80’s, disco, rollerskating and satin jackets??

9 02 2010

thanks sheri! yeah i did get a little intense with the matching (i used to do that with my clothes too, haha!)

funny you mention the 80s – back then, my cousin rachel and i had matching dresses with almost exactly this pattern! CLASSIC 80s-wear! (omg i loved that dress!)

9 02 2010
Susan Yuen

Awwwwwsome! I love how you match the food with each individual container! Hahaha, I am a child of the eighties too! One day I’ll have to show you my 80’s hairstyle pics.

9 02 2010

thanks susan! i would LOVE to see your 80s hairstyles one day, haha mine were pretty bad (lots of multi-layered bangs).

80s theme would be a fun bento trend, too!

9 02 2010

Yes, let’s do an 80’s theme bento! I think I still have some hot pink hair scrunchies. LOL I agree with sheri on the background, it does remind me of “Bee Gees” ! Why is that?

Hey, but your bento is cool. The winged heart is clever.

10 02 2010

ha, i can go with the bee gees idea — how deep is your love? pink hair scrunchies…. HAHAHAH

10 02 2010
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10 02 2010
mils (aka eat lunch)

Oh I love it!!! Strawberry wings – brilliant! Might have to steal your concept now….uh oh..

10 02 2010
Tata Bonita

Yoohoo… let’s fly! What you did by matching the colors of the food and the compartments is a brilliant idea 😀

10 02 2010
Lia Chen

Megan, it feels like flying over the rainbow of love! Great to see all the colors there 🙂

10 02 2010

thanks mils, tata bonita, and lia! glad you like the matching and the wings (i was worried i overdid it a little)… and please feel free to use the idea!

10 02 2010

nice idea with the wing hearts. like how u matched the colour combination

10 02 2010

This is amazing – what an impact all that color has. I was totally loving it until you all brought back my memories of the 80’s (for the record….I think BIG hair is still a good thing). Now I’m kind of scared thinking about my days back then – roller skates with rainbow toe socks – and don’t forget the suspenders ala Mork and Mindy.

11 02 2010

Ahhhhh…bento love! I’m getting to this beautiful vision a little late, sorry, but its a stunner! And like Karina, Im also seeing some 70’s fabness here, with the vibrant rainbows and hearts. Love the winged heart–looks so alive–and the neatly color-coordinated sections also surge with vitality. Its reto in the best way gamene–“dynamite”!!!

14 02 2010

I love the colour matching, this is just so pretty!

10 06 2010

Thanks for the shout-out to Love&Trash! We are all big, big fans of your work. xo!

11 06 2010

thank YOU for the love!

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