speedy bunny bento

20 04 2011

this speed-packed bento is my nod to easter… the “speedy” in the title refers both to the bunny and to the bento-making time!

it’s a simple meal in my trusty tiffin:  some bulldog-glazed veggie meatballs, japanese pickles, rice with scallions and peas, a few carrot flowers, and a sweet potato bunny.

no bento for me on friday, so this is my last reminder that the highly-sought-after bento play food set auction ends in just over a day… and then we’ll be in easter weekend.  wishing all my bento pals a wonderful holiday weekend with their families!



18 responses

20 04 2011

So lovely! I have meatballs today too! The mirror effect of the stainless and the newspaper is cool. Happy weekend to you too!

20 04 2011

thanks sheri! can’t wait to see what you did with your meatballs!

20 04 2011

That bunny is fantastic!

21 04 2011

thanks grettie! i used a mini-cutter, it was super easy 🙂

20 04 2011

I need a bunny bento! I love yours. The purple really adds a great touch too!

21 04 2011

thanks so much lyndsey! there are bunny bentos all over the internet right now, please add yours to the party!

21 04 2011

Oh my, this looks so delicious! I love the great color combination =)
Wish you and your family the best, and many little Easter eggs 😉 Have a nice holiday weekend, too!

21 04 2011

thanks lily! wanted to stick to just three colors, glad you like it. ;D

21 04 2011
Ohayo Bento

I love the simplicity. It’s so fresh and clean 🙂

21 04 2011

thanks heather! yup, wanted to keep it SUPER simple today, sometimes those are the hardest to do but this one came together very quickly.

21 04 2011

Wonderful bento once again! As Heather said, this is so fresh. It makes me think of an early morning bunny cavorting in dewy young grass (maybe in a city park, with the modern newsprint and silvery tiffin :D).

Happy holiday weekend, hope it will be full of high spring spirits and lovely foods!

21 04 2011

thanks jenn, hope your weekend is fab too! i’m planning on seeing the cherry blossoms in the brooklyn botanical garden. can’t wait to see your blog next week; i’m sure you will have new culinary and cultural adventures to share 🙂

21 04 2011
Cooking Gallery

What a coincidence, I made bunny-themed bento too today :)! I love bulldog sauce as well, I always use it for tonkatsu or fried ebi.

21 04 2011

your costumed bunny is so cute, i love animals dressed up as other animals!! have a fabulous easter and thanks as always for your sweet comment!

26 04 2011
Bunny Eats Design

Sweeet bunny!

27 04 2011

thanks very much, BED! :o)

28 09 2011
Cathy D

I have never seen nor thought about doing cutouts from a sweet potato! I absolutely love it!!
Silly question though… Did you bake and cool the potato first or ?? (new at bento making but totally loving it!)

7 06 2017

Where are the recipes?

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