twin geese bento

24 04 2011

tomorrow’s lunch has two hanpen geese with egg sheet beaks and feet, nori eyes, and fish sausage cheeks.  they’re sitting on a bed of basmati rice sprinkled with furikake i received in a surprise package from a bento pal — it’s got a combination of sesame seeds, dehydrated green bell pepper, and yuzu, which gives it a very unique, tangy flavor.  i love it!

i punched some little clovers out of fish sausage, and the back portion of this box has steamed sweet potato and broccolini, a takuwan rosette with asparagus leaves, tiny red vine tomatoes, and a cheese flower.  i think i felt like using my goose-shaped cutter because the resulting geese look like they would lay nice fat easter eggs.  did everyone have a nice easter weekend?

don’t forget that the auction for the lovely hand-crafted crane earrings ends in a few hours — all proceeds are to benefit japan relief, so get your bid in while you can!



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24 04 2011

You’re on a roll with the artistic hanpen charaben! So lovely and realistic, in a beautifully arranged bento. Enjoy!

24 04 2011

i love working with the hanpen, it has such a nice texture and it *doesn’t melt*! tastes yummy too. thanks for your sweet comment sheri! 😀

24 04 2011

Sheri said it perfectly! I so enjoy your artistic bentos and the harmonious settings you style for them, megan! An enchanting fairytale tea party feel here, so lovely (and what a super cool fork) 🙂

24 04 2011

thanks so much jenn! i also thought the polka dot doily and fork felt very tea party, glad you agree 🙂

24 04 2011

it’s so cute geese….. and i like your pink little clovers too.

25 04 2011

thanks oen! the clovers were made with a tiny cutter that comes in a set made for use with aspic. i love these teeny tiny shapes!

25 04 2011

yea..every bento lover has their own style.. and you are so creative with hanpen.

love the soft spongy feeling, makes the geese looks so real and more 3D.

25 04 2011

thanks bobo! i am not sure i will stick with hanpen forever, but right now i just love the white fluffy shapes for springtime. hope you had a nice weekend!

25 04 2011
Cooking Gallery

I have to repeat myself one more time, this bento meal is simply gorgeous! I wish I could get some hanpen too here…:(

25 04 2011

thanks cooking gallery! you know, the hanpen was sitting in the freezer case at my market the whole time, i just didn’t know what i was looking for since i can’t read the japanese on the labels… do you have a japanese grocer you can check with?

25 04 2011

Just darling! For those of us new to bento, any posts about “how to” would be awesome!

26 04 2011

thanks jody! i have done a tutorial once in the past (google “carrot flowers bento zen”), and would be willing to do one again… is there anything in particular i’ve done that you’d like instructions for?

26 04 2011
Lia Chen

This is so pretty with pink hue background and your shaped hanpen looks so fabulous. Admire your passion and perfection for bento 🙂

26 04 2011

thanks lia! ha it’s true i am a bit of a perfectionist, that’s the virgo in me 😀

26 04 2011

So cuteeeee!

27 04 2011

thanks jun! 😀

6 05 2011
Susan Yuen

Beautiful Megan! Your bentos always look so elegant and delish! 🙂

23 06 2011
twin geese bento | Asteria United

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7 08 2011

This one is my favorite! Omigosh, sooo soooo cute!!! 🙂

16 09 2011

This is a stunning bento!
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14 06 2012
twin geese bento | Bento Boxes

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